May, 5, 2015

“Women In Politics: Why It Matters For Employment, Economic Opportunity and Education.”

This special show will examine the barriers and opportunities for women to become elected political leaders and the impact of this representation on policies to achieve equity in employment, economic opportunity and education. Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization of Women will serve as the guest host with show host Barbara Arnwine participating from North Carolina. Featured and expert guests include Lisa Maatz, top Policy Director of the American Association of University Women and Kimberly Peeler-Allen of Higher Heights for America. Currently, the United States has a severe underrepresentation of women in politics, without one African American woman having served in the US Senate since 1999. For Women of Color there are special obstacles to elected office, especially at the statewide level. How do we surmount these challenges to have a more robust representation of women in office? How does the dearth of women elected officials affect the fight for equality for women in the workforce? Why does the gap persist in women representation as CEOs and in the C-Suite? What can be done to redress the special inequities and vulnerabilities of women, especially immigrant women, in domestic, service and low wage sector jobs? Why are women, notably African American men and women so absent in the technology sector? In Education, gender inequalities are rampant in K-12 and higher educations. Throughout the nation Black girls are disciplined and suspended more often than white girls. Women are still outnumbered by men in some professional schools. Preference for advancing men exist deep in the Academy. Strategies, Solutions and Take Action steps will be recommended by our guests.
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